Hi friend’s , if you want to remove background from your image and make it transparent. You can simply use this free apps in your android phone which is give below. If you want to edit pictures and want to change the background of your image in your android phone. For this first you have to remove the background and then you can change. You can use these given android application. These apps are help you to remove the background  of the image and make it without background means transparent .

[Change Background From Images With Android Apk]


For removing background i show you some apps Which is very powerful. With these apps we make background transparent and use these images many type like change background, as sticker etc. In this post I show you 2 apps for this work and easy steps. Which is give you a smooth performance and work easily. the tools which i am going to tell you will help you to remove the background from the images . You should know what the profit of removing background from images. You can use the images in stamp or passport size photos or you can change the background as you want. Friends you can use it also for many purposes. I guide you step by step to remove backgrounds from images.



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Now you can easily remove the backgrounds from images with your android phone with BACKGROUND ERASER APPLICATION. This application have lots of features to remove the backgrounds from images . It is easy to use every one can use it easily to make your images transparent, It is best for android phones . Friends now follow the methods . About how to remove background from images –



First , download and install the application from the given link.Download Background Eraser After installing this application open it and Click on Load a PhotoNow select the image of your choice from your phone. Now you have to crop the image , as possible as you can at that part , where you want to make transparent. After doing this click on done.Then , a tool will open , now you adjust the size as your choice and then select that part which you want to transparent and doneAfter it you see some miner parts are available, so choose smooth edge level. Now successfully removed your background


This is also one of the best application to remove the backgrounds from images . This is also simple in use and easy to handle . If you can’t work on the above application you can use this application. it have also lots of features and best tools, which makes faster to crop the image and remove the background. you can use this application in your android device.




Download Background Remover

Best cropping optionMagic tools ( which can crop the edges of background easily) Easy to handleundo image selectionZoom in/outAdjust brush size in your choiceChange background

Many features also available in this application. You can use this application.

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 Final Words-

This two methods I guided you how to remove background from images . You can simply use this applications and enjoy. Now If you have any query, then ask to me in comment box. Thank’s for reading , subscribe and share if you like.